We are LOUTRE, a store where you can play with otters.
Which course would you like?
① Normal course
Kyoto  14:00- 18:00
Osaka  14:00-19:00
It is not possible to make a reservation. Please come directly to the store. 
The fee is 2,500 yen per person. You can play for 50 minutes.
 Children under 15 years old are not allowed to enter.
② Private course
Kyoto, Osaka  12:00〜13:00
You can charter for 1 hour from 12:00 to 13:00. Reservations must be made at least one week and must be paid in advance (PayPal). 
The fee is 20,000 yen for everyone. Minimum age is 15 years oldThe room can accommodate up to 8 people.
③ Walking course
You can play with an otter outside, not inside. You can walk or play in the river. Basically, there is only one otter you can meet. Consult with us if children under 15 years old are included. The fee is from 30,000 yen.
Please contact us if you wish to do (2) or (3).
Thank you.




Please be sure to follow the staff's instructions for your safety.


 No smoking in the store .


 Bringing food is prohibited .


 Drunk guests are not allowed to enter.


 Take care of your own valuables.


☆ Please wash and disinfect your hand when entering the store and interact with otters.


We have time system.  We will ask you to leave your seat to other customer when time comes. 


 Using flash when taking picture is prohibited.  Please pay attention to the others when taking pictures.


 Please do not give food or toys to the otter without permission.


 Hitting water tank and windows,  or speak with loud voice will  frighten the otters.  We might  ask you to leave the store.  In this case,   money will not be refunded under any circumstances. 


 Please touch gently when interact with otters. Please do not hold them.


Since   otters has chewing power,  you may get injured by play-bitting. 


We are not responsible for injury or animal allergy, as well as stain and damages of your belongings (cloth, shoes, etc). 


Since we give first priority to our customer’s safety and otter’s condition,  in some cases this leads to the inability to interact with otter.


Please carefully review and acknowledge the notes above before visiting our store.




Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.